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Japanese Americans : lecture by Nakawa, 1990
"Japanese Nationals Give Up Radioes, Cameras" -- caption on photograph
"Japanese Girls' Baseball Team Still Plays" -- caption on photograph
"Alien Japanese Taken into Custody --  [...] at Vallejo, Feb. 5" -- caption on photograph
Korean American Pioneer Council. Minutes.
"Japanese At Home In Evacuation City -- A 150-bed hospital has been provided by the U.S. Government for Japanese evacuated from Pacific Coast cities and communities" -- caption on photograph
Constructing Japaneseness: war, race, and American cinema, 1924-1992
"With Sober-faced attentiveness these Japanese girls watch one of the many games of marbles which occupy scores of young evacuees living at the Santa Anita reception depot" -- caption on photograph
Summer parade at Granada Japanese Relocation Camp, Amache, Colorado, May 30, 1943.
Japanese intelligence actiivities in the United States, 1941-1942
"Japs Register -- In preparation for the mass exodus of Japanese from San Francisco" -- caption on photograph
"Japanese Freighter's Crew --  Part of the crew of the Japanese freighter 'Rhine Maru' which ran on the reefs about 110 miles from San Francisco March 28 in a fog" -- caption on photograph
"A scene in one of the classrooms of the Daini Gakuen School here, where students learn to read and write the Japanese language and are taught Japanese customs" -- caption on photograph
"Repatriates Reach Japan -- Cast off by the tugboat which brought them near shore, two Japanese barges, carrying repatriates from the liner Matsonia, come into the dock at Uraga on Christmas Day"...
"In preparation for their removal to reception centers and employment projects in the interior.  Japanese aliens and Japanese-American citizens are pictured registering at downtown office."--capt...
"Japanese Arrive at Reception Center -- Ordered from their homes in Los Angeles by the Army" -- caption on photograph
"Japanese in Little Tokyo are shown watching bulletins as the war started" -- caption on photograph
Young Japanese American girl, studio portrait, circa 1920
"By train and by auto caravan, 1000 men of Japanese birth or Japanese ancestry left Los Angeles yesterday for evacuation camp at Manzanar in the Owens River Valley" -- caption on photograph
Japanese-American basketball: constructing gender, ethnicity, and community
Naval Attaché. Note regarding diagrammatic sketches of Japanese aviation radio material, 1938 (diagrams not included)
Relationship of the American League for Peace and Democracy to politics and political parties, 1938
"Facilities are staffed by Japanese, under white supervisors" -- caption on photograph
4th Marines (Shanghai). Reports on Japanese military, 1937-1938
Americans and their testimonies regarding the March First movement, 1919
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