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Jack H., letters (1967)
Jack H. S., letters (1963)
Jack A., letters (1955/1959)
Jack W. Guthrie, letters (1959-1960)
WPA household census employee document for Jack W. Abbott, Los Angeles
Jack P., letters (1969-1970)
Jack H., letters (1954-1965)
Jack H., letters (1973)
Jack J., letters (1960-1977)
Jack B., letters (1968/1969)
White, Jack, 1991-05
Jack W. S., letters (1955)
Jack P., letters (1954-1961)
Gerritsen, Jack, 1991-05-16, p. 1
Gerritsen, Jack, 1991-05-16, p. 2
African girls playing jacks
The family Jack & Kathleen Budd. Photo used 1954
USC trustee Jack Horton, before 1998
Jack F. H., letters (1954-1963)
Kaye, memo, 1991-05-15, to distribution
Jack M., letters (1961)
Gerritsen, Jack, 1991-05-16
Jack Baker comes out for things that count! Jack Baker--MSA president
Directions to Jack White interview, 1991-05-13
Jack H. Lee - author, Southern California, 1934
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