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Group portrait in front of Hermann Grabe's house at the mission station, Bedele, Ethiopia, 1933
Peters hut, Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, ca.1900-1914
Making a suit at Wuzhou, China, 1946
Judge's shelter in front of the post office, Addis Abeba, Ethiopia, [s.d.]
Mission church, Yokohama, Japan, ca. 1920-1940
Three men walking in a courtyard, China, ca. 1920-1940
The marionette strings
African students in front of school building, Tanzania, ca.1893-1920
Two men splitting out shakes from cedar logs to be used as shingles, ca.1900
An intervention for stereotype automaticity in therapist-trainees: a pilot study in implicit multicultural social cognition
Criteria for choosing music written since 1600 for selected California high school orchestras
Smog tour, 1950
African patients waiting in the courtyard, Tanzania, ca.1895-1920
Romancing the bomb: Gothic terror and terrorism in late nineteenth- and early twentieth-century literature
Advertising sign suspended from kites, Los Angeles County, Calif., 1939
Caoutchouc plantation, Gonja, Tanzania, ca.1900-1913
First mission house, Shigatini, Tanzania, ca.1900-1914
Crafts school, Marangu, Tanzania, ca. 1901-1910
Missionary and Africans in front of a stone house, Tanzania, ca.1893-1920
Missionaries on a veranda, Tanzania, ca.1896-1920
Debate of chiefs, Marangu,Tanzania, ca.1930-1940
Judiciary Building, Honolulu, Hawaii, [s.d.]
La Cita -- Mexican lovers at the reja, ca.1905
Traction steam engine hauling borax, ca.1900-1904
Workers using a heater to soften old surfact of asphalt on an unidentified street, [s.d.]
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