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Spaces of violence: indigenous figuration and Los Angeles colonial culture
Mobile archives of indigeneity: the Maya diaspora and cultural production
Inside the bookshop in Aden. Section with Arabic Christian literature, March 1965
Pakistan 1973. The Book Centre "Pashto Literature Service" at Peshawar. (Used in: Dansk Mission...
Pakistan 1973. Two Pathan men interested in studying literature. (Used in: Dansk Missionsblad n...
The bookshop in Aden, reopened on 11th September 1970. Section "Bibles and Christian Literature"
Masaru Mori, who is director of Seibunsha (Lutheran Literature Society), the publishing house o...
Pakistan 1973. Mr Sharif Parwaiz, manager of the book centre "Pashto Literature Service" at Pes...
Literature work at Peshawar, Pakistan. What are they studying at the North West Frontier Provin...
Pakistan, April 1997. The Church literature work in cooperation with the Pastho Academy Publica...
Left Masaru Mori, who is director of Seibunsha (Lutheran Literature Society), the publishing ho...
Teachers' perceptions of the epistemic interface between indigeneity and technology in the Cook Islands
Implications with university research in indigenous communities: an evaluation study of Waimānalo Pono Research Hui
Let us fake out a frontier: dissent and the settler colonial imaginary in U.S. literature after 1945
Arab bookseller from Aden. Christian literature was for many years sold through individual Chri...
Mapping native plants: a mobile GIS application for sharing indigenous knowledge in Southern California
Take me with you: critical encounters with sex work literature
Pakistan, North West Frontier Province (NWFP). Exhibition of literature at a classical Reading ...
The bookshop is a good place for contact. "Dissemination of literature has been an important pa...
Anne Vibeke Mandrup is selling Bibles and other religious literature. The boy is Thomas Mandrup)
The old bookshop in Bahrain - The literature development began here in 1967.
Display on the history of literature, Jinan, Shandong, China, 1947
North India, Santal Parganas. Benagaria Mission Press, distributing Christian literature in San...
Domestic negotiations: Chicana domesticity as a critical discourse of US literature and culture
The Library of Congress Archive of Recorded Poetry and Literature, 1941-1961, and Famous Birds, a collection of poems
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