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#33 Attaching knobs and feet
#9 Why ancient cultures made certain forms in clay
All love is equal
Pink sky at sunset?, Los Angeles, Calif., ca. 1973
Creating cities and citizens: municipal boundaries, place entrepreneurs, and the production of race in Los Angeles county, 1926-1978
Gay & lesbian equality
Gay & lesbian vote
Hansi Share Papers
Town hall, Permanent Partners Immigration Act
Parents and lovers and sons and brothers speak from the heart : make love, not war
A book celebrating gay pride
Right out of history : the making of the dinner party
Women and children get AIDS too
An ounce of prevention
Take the test : take control
Audre Lorde Lesbian Health Clinic
Gay and lesbian activism for the 90s: Creating Change West
Knights tournament three
Women's rights leader, first person to publicly demand the vote for American women, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, 1815-1902
Join the march : April 9, 1989 Washington, D.C.
Roy Dean's sail away : Sunday, September 17th, 1989
Mythical journey of the heroine : a contemporary social/spiritual quest
Lesbian visibility week
Pro choice : fight rape : fight racism
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