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E.G at L.C.H, Nigeria, 1932
The role of counter-current flow in the modeling and simulation of multi-phase flow in porous media
Funeral procession for Fr. G. Donovan at Fushun, China, 1938
Abbie G. Sanderson sitting in a carrying chair, Shantou, Guangdong, China, 1919
Abbie G. Sanderson standing with Thai Jong villagers, Shantou, Guangdong, China, 1919
Abbie G. Sanderson and friend dressed in traditional Chinese wedding clothing, Guangdong, China, 1922
Abbie G. Sanderson standing outside the door of a Chinese house, Shantou, Guangdong, China, ca. 1919-1922
Abbie G. Sanderson standing with "Aunt Golden Peace", Shantou, Guangdong, China, ca.1920-1937
Abbie G. Sanderson standing in a village street, Shantou,Guangdong, China, 1919
Missionary G.B.Farthing on horseback, Shanxi, China, ca.1890-1899
Ambatoharanana, Church and Mission Station S.P.G.  Anglican Church, Madagascar, ca.1900
Lars G. Meling in his living room, Soraka, Antananarivo, Madagascar, ca.1903
The PEMS missionaries Mr. Pascal and G. Dieterlen, taken from the Duby's house
Missionary Adolphe Jalla, his wife E. Jalla, his daughter G. Jalla, the missionary A. Saucon and Malungwe
Dr G. Reutter, doctor in Sesheke, by bush-car, with two runners of the administration
During Jean-Gui Subilia's baptism: G. Subilia, P. Subilia, E. Berger, Jean-Paul Burger, Claire Bornand, Philippe Burger
South India. From a convention of the Arcot Lutheran Church. D. G. S. Dhirakaran speaking to th...
Annual Meeting Vejle 1993, Jørgen Nørgaard Pedersen, Henrik Risum, Arne G. Larsen, Christian Pr...
Rev. Ms. M. G. Basanti, Pastor at Nowrangpur, Jeypore Evg. Lutheran Church/JELC. (Photo in Guru...
JELC Consultation, Gurukul, October 1993. Rev. Ms. M. G. Basanti, JELC (pastor in Nowrangpur), ...
South Arcot District, India. Carmel Highschool, Tiruvannamalai, 1920. Missionary Ejner G. T. Ho...
Gideon G. Maghina, Saul Lutilla, Sarah Mwanga, Tanzania. December 1982. (Possibly students at t...
Santal women at Rolghutu, Joema District, North India. At the back: Missionary Karen Andersen, ...
Probably DMS/Danmission volunteer in the North Western Diocese, Tanzania. (Name: Heidi B. G. Ky...
Rev. Ms. M. G. Basanti, Pastor in Nowrangpur, Jeypore Evg. Lutheran Church/JELC. (Photo in Guru...
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