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Manyemen. The new church is still being built.
Manyemen. A patient is combing her hair.
Manyemen. A patient combing her hair.
The chicken-thief (giant lizard) has been caught.
Now he [or it?] is gone.
Grandfather has been to town.
The bride has arrived and is leaving the sedan chair.
The four Pfleiderer sisters (Friederike died in India).
Liza with a group of schoolgirls. Inrani is the one who once said that, to come to a knowledge of one's sins is only possible, when one knows Jesus.
A former Basel Mission teacher with wife and two children. During the war he fell away from the mission, became a trader and married several wives.
Mr Akrofi is the author of a Twi Grammar and is regarded as the primary authority on the Twi language. He is handicapped, but bears his lameness with exemplary patience.
A 'soul', a person dedicated to the King of Asante. The round plate on the chest is made of gold, the string is white.
Stern-wheel steamer, with year-round service to Honyen. The East River has just returned to its banks after the floods. The steamship is a passenger ship.
House-altar in my ancestral hall.
Police mission.
Beggars in Hokschuha (1926).
A chinese scholar.
Rev. Dilger during his escape.
Temple to a deity.
The interior of the chapel in Kutschuk.
Place of refuge for the missionaries in the year 1900.
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