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"(158) Walnuts 2. Shelling and picking walnuts by hand, El Monte, Calif.", stereoscopic photograph, 1920s
". . . Indian hut . . .", stereoscopic photograph, 1872
"16745 Picking Olives", stereoview, circa 1910s
"17. Los Angeles Mission, Los Angeles.", stereoscopic photograph, circa 1872
"2004---Spanish Town, Los Angeles, California", stereoview, circa 1878
"237 (13723) Irrigating Endless Avenues of Orange Trees, Redlands, Calif.", lantern slide, circa 1910s
"3054. La Plaza, Los Angeles", stereoview, circa 1882
"52. Part of Los Angeles with Mexican Plaza", stereoscopic photograph
"A Chinese Fortune Teller", 1912-08-23
"A Place of Worship", postcard, 1909-10-21
"A Spanish Courtship", postcard, 1905
"Bird's Eye View of East Los Angeles, Cal.", postcard, circa 1909
"Cactus Fence, on Spring St., L.A.", stereoscopic photograph, circa 1882
"Camp Juarez Boys with Honor Flag Banner", lantern slide, 1927
"Camp of 'Cholos', Los Angeles, stereoscopic photograph, circa 1900
"Chinese Herbal Science: How to Get Well and Keep Well", 1928
"Chinese Quarter, Los Angeles", stereoscopic photograph, circa 1882
"Eighteenth Anniversary of the Los Angeles Congregational Chinese Mission", program, 1906-03-04
"Entrance of the Tejon Pass, And a Portion of the Tejon", lithograph, 1855
"First Engagement on Los Angeles," program, 1929
"Fountian [sic] in Plaza", stereoscopic photograph, circa 1880s
"From Normal School, Looking East," sterescopic photograph, circa 1885
"Geineschter Chor der Ersten-Deutschen-Methodisten Kirche, Los Angeles, Calif," photograph, 1928
"Hotel Somerville Lobby", postcard, 1928-09-26
"Indian Women of Southern California", postcard, circa 1910
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