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"Golden Apples" award by Women's Press Club of Hollywood, 1953
"Her Secret" ad, Southern California, 1935
"If I Were Rich" players (quintuplets), Southern California, 1927
"Kid from Spain" girls at John Brandeis Rancho, Chatsworth, Southern California, 1932
"Live" in St. Louis, 1983
"One eyed Connolly" taken at Hollywood breakfast club, Southern California, 1930
1207 North Poinsettia Place, West Hollywood, CA, 1925
124. Open end (tv show) "Always leave them laughing", 1960-03-06
The Aura Of Romance: Smoking And Classical Hollywood Cinema, Image And Representation
A Parallel Examination Of The Development Of Cultural Awareness And The History Of Photographic Practice In Los Angeles Leading To The Establishment Of The Los Angeles County Museum Of History, S...
A history and analysis of the decline of the roadshow mode of motion picture exhibition, 1965-1975
Professional project in journalism
Thinking outside the console: A new generation of video game developers fight for independence
1853 North Vista Street, Los Angeles, CA, 1926
1928 Ford Rdstr, '40 Chrsler coupe, Los Angeles, Calif., 1941
1934 Ford sedan, owner Cook at 7727 Santa Monica Boulevard, West Hollywood, CA, 1940
1937 Ford Tudor at Muller Bros. and 1931 Ford roadster at Coast Auto Works, Southern California, 1940
2200 Broad View, Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA, 1925
2522 Grand View Drive, 2548 Graciosa Drive, Hollywood, CA, 1925
Symbols, myth and TV in Hawai'i:  "Hawaiian Eye", "Five-O" and "Magnum P.I.". The first cycle
Facing the camera:  Dickens, photography, and the anxiety of representation
Television and the independent film idea from the network era into the digital age
440 North Kings Road, Los Angeles, CA, 1927
An Experimental Study Of Audience Responses To A Play Rehearsed With And Without A Play Analysis By A Professional Psychoanalyst
A History Of The Western Division Of The Music Educators National Conference
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