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View Hill, holiday house for the Basel Mission in Kotageri.
A little boy on holiday at the Marchmatt.
Einar and Petra Andersen from holidays at Kotagiri. Missionaries in Panruti, South India, 1931-...
Holiday visit to the Outstation Nkuko (Elong), near Nyasoso.
Students boating on holiday, Antananarivo, Madagascar, ca.1900-1930
Leaving on a holiday, Mission de Bafwabaka, Congo, ca.1920-1940
From Else & Kresten Christensen's summer holiday: Boiled sea urchins at the early morning marke...
Back in Cairo Egypt efter holiday. From left: Dagny Bach, Edel Stidsen, Birthe (child) Erik Sti...
View from the holiday houses of DMS in Kotagiri, Spring Cottage and Bethany. The badaga village...
USC President Sample 2009 holiday card images of Bovard Administration Building
Holiday school, malagasy qualified teachers around Mrs. Galissot and the teaching staff, in Madagascar
Danish missionaries on holiday in Kotagiri 1908. From the left. Emilie Bjerrum, Elna Thofte, Ra...
On a holiday sunday.
Holiday fare
Holiday enjoyment in the Blue Mountains 1929. In a clearing in the jungle.
Students of the Akropong Seminary leaving at the beginning of the holiday. (Photo Martin 1930).
Summer holidays in Nyenhang.
On holiday in Buea.
Schoolgirls leaving for their christmas holiday. Their box, their sleeping mat, everything is carried on their heads.
Our holiday house in Kalhatti.
All the missionaries on holiday in Kotageri.
Holiday house of the hill station.
Going on holiday in the Fophin mountains.
Oettli's last holiday in Mistroi, 1931.
A Hindu boy in holiday attire, India, ca. 1906
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