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Display on the history of literature, Jinan, Shandong, China, 1947
Gypsies in Scottish literature
Texas history of COGIC, after 1992
The demimondaine in literature
The Church of God in Christ history conference, program, 2010
COGIC scholars fellowship history symposium outline, [s.d.]
History of Saints Junior College, flier, [s.d.]
History of the Lillian Brooks Coffey rest home, 1972?
Unidentified group during National Negro History Week, Saints College?, Mississippi?, [s.d.]
Inside the bookshop in Aden. Section with Arabic Christian literature, March 1965
Pakistan 1973. The Book Centre "Pashto Literature Service" at Peshawar. (Used in: Dansk Mission...
The Texas bishops, COGIC, 2003, Texas jurisdictions history
Pakistan 1973. Two Pathan men interested in studying literature. (Used in: Dansk Missionsblad n...
The bookshop in Aden, reopened on 11th September 1970. Section "Bibles and Christian Literature"
Masaru Mori, who is director of Seibunsha (Lutheran Literature Society), the publishing house o...
History of women in the Pentecostal movement, 1996
Pakistan 1973. Mr Sharif Parwaiz, manager of the book centre "Pashto Literature Service" at Pes...
A brief history of the Church of Christ (Holiness) U.S.A., 2000
The great history of the Church of God in Christ, paper, [s.d.]
A literature course for the seventh grade.
Literature work at Peshawar, Pakistan. What are they studying at the North West Frontier Provin...
Pakistan, April 1997. The Church literature work in cooperation with the Pastho Academy Publica...
Left Masaru Mori, who is director of Seibunsha (Lutheran Literature Society), the publishing ho...
COGIC Department of Missions history and organization, 2008
History of the Texas northeast jurisdiction, COGIC, 2003
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