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The role of HES/HEY transcriptional repressors in specification and maintenance of cell fate in the mouse organ of Corti
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POLR2B and its contributions to cancer cell growth
Hey-Hagemeister, Frieda.
Dog show at Pan Pacific, 1955
Charles White and John Robinson during Heisman Trophy press conference, 1979
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Publicity department ads, Whittington, Southern California, 1938
Refrigerator truck and children, opening of store, Southern California, 1932 [image 2]
Boy's Club exhibit (Pasadena), 1956
Dog show at Pan Pacific, 1955
Dog show at Pan Pacific, 1955
Stock certificate for the Korean American Corporation - 5 shares
California death certificate : Hey Soo Lee
Registration Certificate of Korean Nationals : Hey Soo Lee
Certificate of Naturalization : Hey Soo Lee
151. Lipton, Boyd, Perkoff, McGrath poetry reading, [1958 or 1959]
Scripps Institute Ocean Expedition, 1952
Dr. Hey's arrival at Kumase mission station, 24th March 1899.
Temporary hospital at Odumasi, Dr. Hey with wounded.
Syphilitic man with Dr. Hey, Odumase.
Akuse, Basel Mission Trading Company, 1904. G. Berner, Schmoll (standing), Bosaller (seated), Dr. Hey, E. Stempel.
Hey, Friedrich.
National writing of Korea.
Mr. and Mrs. Paik, Yim Chung Koo, Whang Ai-Sung, Sin, Cho Chong-Ik, Josephine Marr and Henry Chung at Golden Gate Park
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