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Nepal 1995. Health clinic involved in TB treatment. (Probably managed by INF).
Pakistan 1990. Right: Rev. Humphrey Safaraz Peters. Manager of the Mental Health Centre. From 2...
Immigrant health in context: a communication ecology approach to understanding health behavior
PR manager
Information Manager
Finance Manager
Rediscovering the communication engine of neighborhood effects: how the interaction of residents and community institutions impacts health literacy and how it can be leveraged to improve health c...
Translating research into practice: a community-based medication management intervention
Robert Hinnerskov, administrative manager 1998 - 2000
Oswald Laursen, manager of DMS publisher.
Åge Klitgård, finance manager at DMS,
Use of GIS for analysis of community health worker patient registries from Chongwe district, a rural low-resource setting, in Lusaka Province, Zambia
Performance management in health care in Iceland
Pakistan, NWFP. From the Mental Health Centre at Peshawar Mission Hospital. (In cooperation wit...
Public health anti-obesity communication: an analysis of current campaigns for future guidance
The missing link: the role of organizational culture in technology change management communication
The DMS Chairman, Bishop Thorkild Græsholt visiting the Mental Health Center at Peshawar Dioces...
Community forest management in Nepal: saving the forest at the expense of the poorest
Integrating spatial visualization to improve public health understanding and communication
Effects of a computer game designed for stress management education
Assessment and analysis of direct care community worker training: addressing social determinants of health in the home care setting
The importance of health guidance in the school health program.
Sociocultural influences on mental health functioning: implications for the design of community-based services
Representitatives 1981. Finance Manager Preben Larsen at the podium
Inger Andreasen, finance office. Assistant Åge Klitgaard (Finance Manager)
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