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Hausa market.
A Hausa beauty in Winnebah, Nsaba, daughter of a Hausa priest.
Hausa musicians at the Sowing Festival in Fumban.
Hausa children, in Cameroon
Hausa man.
Hausa trader.
Hausa traders.
Hausa cattle.
Hausa traders.
Hausa in a hausa village.
Hausa Chief and his attendants at the Sowing Festival.
Hausa traders.
Hausa trader.
Hausa riders.
Hausa youths.
Two hausas.
Nzinzie, the Hausa wife of King Ndjoya.
Hausa trader.
A Hausa hut.
A Hausa weaver.
Hausa shoe-maker.
Hausa at prayer.
Hausa at prayer.
Hausa from Togo
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