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Painted portrait of King Luis of France, [s.d.]
Painted portrait of Saint John Capistran, O.F.M., [s.d.]
Painting entitled "Jesus Taken Captive" by Heinrich Hofmann, [s.d.]
The painting "Madonna and Child" by Bellini, [s.d.]
The painting "Christ and the Adultress" by Hofmann, [s.d.]
Head of Christ, detail from the painting "Christ and the Rich Young Man", [s.d.]
Painting by Nathalde Sidel depicting the Madonna and Child, [s.d.]
Painted portrait of Saint Agnes reading a book with a lamb in front of her, [s.d.]
Native wood carving of Virgin Mary, Encarnacion, Mexico, ca.1900
Old painting of the "Miracle of the Loaves and Fishes" at Mission Santa Clara, 1908
O8. Temple on the Golden Summit, the most famous in West China, [1907-1920]
Drawing "The Last Supper" by Brunozetti, [s.d.]
The dark matter distributions in low-mass disk galaxies
Interior view of skylight in Bradbury Building, 304 S. Broadway, downtown Los Angeles, 1961
Drawing of Saint Pierre Chanel blessing indigenous young men, Oceania, ca.1900-1930
Synthetic studies of chemical probes for i) DNA, ii) RNA polymerases and iii) tropomyosin receptor kinase
New techniques in astrodynamics for moon systems exploration
Autonomous interplanetary constellation design
The judgement of traits from recorded voices: A study in social perception
The factorial invariance between two independent groups of raters on a job performance appraisal scale for a sample of primarily unskilled textile workers
The implementation of corporate social responsibility initiatives as a strategy for post-crisis rebuilding and renewal
A comparative investigation of the occurence of type A bacteriophages of <italic>Salmonella typhimurium</italic> in Australia and California
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