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"'Wanderer III, Shanghai, China' voyages America," North China Daily News 9/23/1934
"12,000 miles across America," North China Daily News 9/21/1934
"Armistice Day observed in Shanghai," North China Daily News 11/19/1939
"Charcoal burning truck is making transport cheap," Shanghai Times 9/25/1935
"Chuang qiche luxing quan Mei xin jilu," Xinwen bao 9/21/1934
"Cinderella" contest (Pasadena), 1951
"Digger Indians", photograph, circa 1860s
"Envisioning the future" benefit event, School of Fine Arts, USC, 2009
"Family Arrives -- Grinning happily after they arrived at Union Station yesterday" -- caption on photograph
"Family's 12,000 miles jaunt across U.S. in modern covered wagon," Shanghai Sunday Times 9/16/1934
"For the Sake of Love" promotion, 2006
"Good Food and plenty of it is served to the Japanese evacuees at the Santa Anita reception center" -- caption on photograph
"Hansel and Gretel" Opera (at Shrine auditorium) -- children watching opera, 1953
"Help Here -- some of the flock of young people who regularly gather at her Long Beach home-recreational center practice golf swings behind Mrs. Sue Joe.  She plays with David Ater and her Rand, ...
"Her Secret" ad, Southern California, 1935
"I like the Times Funnys", Southern California, 1935
"Indo-China shooting trip," North China Daily News 3/20/1938
"Japanese At Home In Evacuation City -- Shizuko Yamada does her washing at the reception center where alien and American-born Japanese are being evacuated for the duration" -- caption on photograph
"Japanese-American Homecoming -- Only the Japanese-American with a job and a place to live, or an approved plan for the future will be aided by the War Resettlement Administration in returning to...
"Japanese-American Homecoming -- Under the Army's recent order permitting the return of those Japanese-Americans whose loyalty has been cleared, will be many happy people glad to return to their ...
"Japs Go Home with Heavy Burdens -- A Japanese child laden with bundles and carrying her tiny brother on her back trods across a pier in Fusan, Korean port, with other burdened Japanese being rep...
"Kingfish" shooting, 1958
"Little Setsuka Foruta got a little tired during judging of 125 third generation Japanese tots yesterday.  She wrinkled up her eyes, put hands to her mouth and sobbed."--caption on photograph
"Madi lu Meizhou man ji," China Times 9/2/1934
"Madi man lu Meizhou ji," Shen Bao 9/10/1934
of 1883