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The general assembly at Nyborg Strand, October 1970
Secretary General of the Norwegian Santal Mission Torbjørn Lied, 1991
DMS landsstævne Ronne 1982. General Knud Sorensen interpret ? .
Representitatives 1981 General Knud Sorensen at the podium
Annual Meeting Århus 1983. Four generations to Annual Meeting
General secretary pastor Ole Bertelsen. Resigned in September 1971
Secretary General Harald Nielsen visiting village nær Ratanakiri in Cambodia
General secretary Jørgen Nørgaard Pedersen and chairman Thorkild Schousboe Laursen.
Secretary General Harald Nielsen arrives at Phnom Penh Airport 2001
A cross-linguistic study of perception and cognition verb complements: A cognitive perspective
Visit of the governor general, in Madagascar
On the use of linguistic concepts and terminology in select recent histories of the German language
Secretary General af Danish Missionary Society, Anders Mielke, and Secretary General of Danish ...
Missionaries at general conference, Aburi, Ghana, ca.1888
Missionaries' General Conference.
House of the British general, Pretoria, South Africa, ca. 1896-1911
Visit of the governor general in Ambositra, Madagascar
Missionaries' General Conference in Tschonglok.
Visit of the Governor general in Ambositra, Madagascar
John, general factotum, Uzuakoli, Nigeria, 1932
General Conference in Hong Kong 1912.
WMPL (World Mission Prayer League) General director Bob Andrews, Febr. 1987.
The general assembly in Odense on 11-12/09/1957. The general secretary pastor C. Rendtorff, the...
Governor General's visit at Ricatla, Mozambique, 7 June 1908
Governor General's visit at Ricatla, Mozambique, 7 June 1908
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