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"Intro", essay
"Intro", essay
"Kagawa, Toyohiko, Notes on conferences held", envelope and notes, 1934-02-22/1934-02-23
"Large Pilipino immigration to U.S. ---Why?", report, circa 1970/1980
"The laughter of my father", short story and evaluation sheets
[Tagalog language guide]
A Filipino festival, Isang pistang pilipino, Fiesta filipino, trilingual reader, 1980
About Philippine Foods, monthly issue, Foods and Nutrition, 1965-02
Address label with packing tape
Alan Gonzales, "A Saga of exploitation", essay
Allison, Manual for Daily Vacation Bible Schools, 1931
Amado Y. Cabezas, Asian Child Development Project: A Progress report, 1979-04-25/1979-04-27
Ang Kapitan ng Barko, The Captain of the Ship, English-Tagalog bilingual reader, 1978-04
Ang motorsiklo ni Miguel, book
Angel Island, English-Tagalog bilingual reader
Angel Island, English-Tagalog bilingual reader
Attorney General's Asian and Pacific Islander Advisory Committee, Final Report, 1988-12
Aurea Labajo and Timetea Lavarino, Cebu, Philippines, 1933
Auto bus, Cebu, Philippines, 1933
Banca, Toledo, Cebu, Philippines, 1933
Bancas on supports, Masbate, Philippines, 1932
Barata with sail, Opon, Cebu, Philippines, 1933
Barotas [boats], Masbate, Philippines, 1932
Bienvenido N. Santos, "Brother, my brother", short story, 1960
Boy Scout camp, camp six, Cebu, Philippines, 1933
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