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"Mallarmé: portraitist of Baudelaire & Poe" by André Masson, [s.d.]
Irradiation Effects On The Rheological Behavior Of Composite Polymer Systems
A Study Of The Solution Crystallization Of Poly(Ether Ether Ketone) Using Dynamic Light Scattering
141. Open end (tv) Psychiatry, 1960-08-07; Rexroth "commercialization of revolt" (radio), 1960-08-13; Duff-Forbes, Frank & Earnest (radio), [1960-1962?]
Everything Went Silent and Suddenly the Grey Mattered
Path integral simulations of helium and hydrogen droplets
Employee communications: A network view. The use of network analysis to explore and refine employee communications within team-based organizations
Environmentally friendly heterojunction partners for thin film solar cells
146. Lipton & Murray Judeo-Christian ethic discussion, [s.d.]; Baker poetry reading, [after 1959?]
189. Lipton, Boyd, on compassion & love, [s.d.]; Kenneally interview of Lipton, [1958?]; "1489 words" (radio show), [1957-02-10]; Farber, Brattin poetry reading, [s.d.]
1998: L.A. Obscura
1999: Black History Exhibit
2001: Doheny Memorial Library
2002: Beyond the Tip of the Iceberg
2002: The Fantastic Menagerie
2002: Trojan of an Ebony Hue
2002: Visual and Virtual Paths to L.A.
2003: Charting the Here of There
2003: Out West
2003: Yvonne Brathwaite Burke
2007: Doheny Memorial Library 75th Anniversary
2010: C.L. Max Nikias: USC inauguration 2010
Design and syntheses of polymeric materials for visible and near -infrared emitting applications
Duality and holographic renormalization group flows
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