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African women preparing food, southern Africa, ca. 1880-1914
Man purchasing food at a street stall, China, ca.1917-1923
Child holding a bowl of food, Togo, Africa, ca. 1920-1940
People distributing food to a crowd, Jiangsu, China, ca.1905-1910
Raising cultural self-efficacy among faculty and staff of a private native Hawaiian school system
The invisible cuisine: why Filipino food has gone unnoticed
Patients preparing food with mortar and grindstone, German East Africa, ca.1920-1940
Elderly woman gives a missionary some food, Ajmer, India, ca.1920-1940
African women and girls preparing food, Antioka, Mozambique, ca. 1901-1915
Black Twitter: a cultural, social and political goldmine and why brands should pay close attention to Black audiences
A comparative study of food safety-related public relations practices in China and the United States
Animated subjects: globalization, media, and East Asian cultural imaginaries
Young boys preparing food in a bowl, New Caledonia, ca.1900-1930
African women preparing food in front of a chapel/school, Kouroulene, South Africa, April 1915
Distribution of food at Elim Hospital, Elim, Limpopo, South Africa, ca. 1901-1915
Carnival war: a cultural history of wartime Japan, 1937-1945
Reinventing the wrapper, not the Whopper: the ""greenwashing"" PR behind fast food chains' niche healthy menus
Women selling food.
Women preparing food.
Women cooking food.
32. Persons receiving food.
Woman preparing food outdoors in a white-enameled bowl, South Africa, ca.1920-1940
Food sanitation display, Jinan, Shandong, China, 1947
Early history of the San Gorgonio Pass, gateway to California
Using cognitive task analysis for capturing expert instruction of food safety training for novice employees
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