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"Dancing mothers" at Expo. Park, Los Angeles, Calif., 1938
"Families" & "Harry Selfridge" from Chicago Sunday Tribune, 1904-05-15
"Home Towners" at View Park, Los Angeles, CA, 1927
"Mallarmé: portraitist of Baudelaire & Poe" by André Masson, [s.d.]
"Pentecost" at Sunderland. Testimony of a Lancashire builder to his pentecost with the sign of tongues, 1907?
"Save our beaches!", Venice, CA, 1935
"Stars" at Exposition Park playground for Christmas festival, Los Angeles, CA, 1930
"Trip to Mars" Premiere at Griffith Park Observatory, 1954
(San Diego County) Misc. Scenics etc., San Diego County, Calif., 1939
10 musical compositions: Relapse, Mass hysteria, Screaming shapes (2 versions), Reparation, Flomotions, Whisperings, Fresh mintz, Toki, Liya
12 musical compositions: Adárna; A wind has blown the rain away and blown; Harvest tableaux; Drumpf scherzo; The Bonaventure; Luz; Second language; O salutaria hostia; Oracion por L.A. lluvia; A...
122 Hart Avenue, Santa Monica, CA, 1927
1246-48 Elysian Park Avenue, Los Angeles, CA, 1928
13-month  Erik Ward climbing the steps of Widney Alumni House, USC, 1979
A Model For Integrating Occupational Therapy Procedures
Counseling And Behavior Modification In The Military Forces
Formative Influences In The Life Of Olive Schreiner, Victorian Feminist And Freethinker
Effects Of Age And Gender On Speed And Accuracy Of Hand Movements And The Refinements They Suggest For Fitts' Law
If Only I Could Remember. (Original Artwork)
The artistic pilgrimage of Joaquin Torres-Garcia:  A biographical study
Trifluoromethanesulfonates (Triflates) For Organic Syntheses
An Analysis Of Private And Social Gains From Plastics Recycling
The art in clay of Emile Galle
An Examination Of Values And Violent Crime Rates
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