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124. Open end (tv show) "Always leave them laughing", 1960-03-06
126. Lipton poetry reading; Foster & Lipton discussing dedicated poverty, [s.d.]
141. Open end (tv) Psychiatry, 1960-08-07; Rexroth "commercialization of revolt" (radio), 1960-08-13; Duff-Forbes, Frank & Earnest (radio), [1960-1962?]
167. Open end (tv) Soviet & US disarmament & coexistence, 1960-05-08; Randel poetry reading, [s.d.]
170. Sudnik, Goodwin, Lipton discussion, part 2, 1962-11-29; Lipton, Foster discussion, [s.d.]; Thresholds for tomorrow (tv), 1962; Open end (tv) Rebuttal from west, [1962-04-10]
413. Croner, Goodwin, Lipton, [s.d.]; Riola reading, 1962-08-11; NBC white paper (tv), 1964-02-09; Open end (tv), 1964-02-09
495. Tillich lecture (radio), 1963-06-23; Pope John dying, 1963-06-23; Open end (tv), [1963-04-21]; Today (tv), 1963-06-03
500. Lipton & Carpenter discussion, [s.d.]; Lipton & Fles discussion, 1963-06-23; Open end (tv), 1963-06-05; Lipton journal, 1963-06-30
503. Liptons & Zachary discussion on Open end; Open end (tv), 1963-06-30; Lipton journals, 1963-07-01, 1963-07-04, 1963-07-05; Lipton interview of Watmough, 1963-07-01
510. Today (tv), 1963-07; Kennedy trip & report, 1963-07; Open end (tv), 1964-02 or 1964-03; Lipton journal, 1963-07-06; Lipton & Diermendjean discussion, 1963-07-06
545. Open end (tv), 1963-09-15; Lipton journals, 1963-09-16; Today (tv), 1963-09-16; Goodeman, Silverman, Goodwin & Carpenter phone calls, 1963-09-16
598. Why L.A. (tv), 1963-11-30; Eternal light (tv), 1963-12-01; Brenner interview, 1963-12-01; Biography (tv), 1963-12-01; Open end (tv), 1963-12-01
599. Open end (tv), 1963-12-01; Lipton journals, 1963-12-02, 1963-12-03, 1963-12-04; Carpenter phone call, 1963-12-02; Newsreel (tv), 1963-12-03; Today (tv), 1963-12-03; Wolf interview, 1963-12-04
Theatrical realism: An American film style of the fifties.
Born for combat: The education of Gore Vidal
Transcription repression and DNA binding properties of integration host factor and modulation of gene expression by IS1
Gene regulation and DNA binding by human c-myc protein
Genetic analysis of the mechanism of specific DNA recognition by E. coli tryptophan repressor
Regulatory consequences of a high density bacterial population in the Euprymna scolopes Vibrio fischeri light organ symbiosis
Studies of IS1-induced polarity and evidence for a transcription terminator
Fiscal limits in Montana: How counties learn to cope
Judicial excess: The crisis posed by the American legal system
Beyond the limits to planning for equity: the emergence of community benefits agreements as empowerment models in participatory processes
Supergravity, string theory and black holes
Aspects of the holographic study of flavor dynamics
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