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D.I. Mazaev
Anycast stability, security and latency in the Domain Name System (DNS) and Content Deliver Networks (CDNs)
On the simulation of stratified turbulent flows
Balancing security and performance of network request-response protocols
Measuring the impact of CDN design decisions
Large eddy simulations of turbulent flows without use of the eddy viscosity concept
Improving network security through collaborative sharing
Schoolchildren playing, Adamaoua, Cameroon, 1953-1968
Large eddy simulations of laminar separation bubble flows
Football -- Ohio State versus Oregon, 1958
Intersection of West 38th Street and South Normandie Avenue, A. Spencer Moore, Los Angeles, CA, 1935 [image 4]
Donald Gee Centre, Mattersey Hall, UK
Frank Gifford freeing himself from tackling Johnny Williams in the final spring practice game, 1951
Muriel Bachant powders baby, The Bronx, NY, 1944
A categorification of the Burau representation via contact geometry
IL-7R and c-Kit signaling in thymopoiesis
Football, professional, 1959
A Boltzmann model for tracking aerosols in turbulent flows
Hydrodynamic stability of two fluid columns of different densities and viscosities subject to gravity
Football -- Los Angeles Rams versus Cleveland Browns, 1957
Graphs and tables depicting number of police actions relative to race, [1991]
Fountain Trust Roman Catholic Pentecostal Dialogue 1971
Albert Saxby, 1913
Correspondence book No. 3 of Pentecostal Missionary Union [PMU], 1921
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