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Functional categories: the syntax of DP and DegP
Atrophy + Deg, Psoas (Ceroid)
Tubular Deg - ACTH, Adrenal
Heart-Deg(?), Myofibers, A58-56
Adrenal - (ACTH Rx.) Glandular Deg Hepatitis, 40x
Identification of gene expression regulated by 1,25(OH)₂D3 in human endometriosis cell lines with next-generation sequencing
The solubility of sodium bicarbonate in solutions of sodium chloride between 20° and 70°C
Seawater-basalt interaction from 25°-300°C and 1-500 bars: Implications for the origin of submarine metal-bearing hydrothermal solutions and regulation of ocean chemistry
Christmas articles, Bullock's, Southern California, 1935 [image 19]
Interiors & exteriors of Premier Mills, Los Angeles, CA, 1929 [image 7]
Technological innovation in public organizations
Do ZFX and ZNF711 regulate the same genes in HEK293T cells?
Specimen of Bush sunflower (Eucelia californica), ca.1920
Temporal dynamics of perceptual decision
Graphs etc. for lantern slides, Thermador Electric Manufacturing Co., Southern California, 1936 [image 3]
Baseball machine, Crown Sheet Metal, Southern California, 1931
Perimenopausal transition increases blood brain permeability: implications for neurodegenerative diseases
Advertisement for Port Ballona on Santa Monica Bay as issued by Moye Wickes, ca.1887
MAO a deficient mice exhibit an altered immune system in the brain and prostate
Baseball machine, Crown Sheet Metal, Southern California, 1931 [image 2]
Baseball machine, Crown Sheet Metal, Southern California, 1931 [image 1]
Cephalometric norms for the Vietnamese: a clinical appraisal
A new decoding algorithm for Reed-Solomon Code
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