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"Alarm spread yesterday when officers examining evacuees' baggage discovered knives wrapped in belongings of Kisuki Okasaki" -- caption on photograph
"Although lunches were provided for Japs who left by train, friends and relatives passed a great deal of food-stuffs through windows.  Here go two bottles of soda pop."--caption on photograph
"Deputy Sheriff Rod Campbell of Sacramento inspects a razor sharp sword among several seized from Japanese there.  Before him are Jap army uniforms, two aerial bomb casings, a wrestlying banner a...
"Envisioning the future" benefit event, School of Fine Arts, USC, 2009
"Football at L.A.  Coliseum" score board, USC, 1956
"Hotel Somerville Lobby", postcard, 1928-09-26
"In Los Angeles' 'Little Tokyo,' news of Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor left shocked silence yesterday" -- caption on photograph
"Jap Evacuation -- Two-year-old Keith Miyamoto" -- caption on photograph
"Japanese Temple Ceremonies" -- caption on photograph
"Little Boy, Big Appetite" -- caption on photograph
"Live" in St. Louis, 1983
"Lord Here I Am", Kenneth Glover, [s.d]
"Mallarmé: portraitist of Baudelaire & Poe" by André Masson, [s.d.]
"Personal possessions of Jap evacuee are piled high on roadster, one of 300 cars in Manzanar caravan.  Army jeeps, each bearing two soldiers, were escorts."--caption on photograph
"Repatriates Reach Japan -- Cast off by the tugboat which brought them near shore, two Japanese barges, carrying repatriates from the liner Matsonia, come into the dock at Uraga on Christmas Day"...
"Sick Repatriate Reaches Japan" -- caption on photograph
"The Anointing" program, 1993
"The breath-taking beauty of the lotus blossoms which are in full bloom on the north end of Echo Park Lake, had delighted hundreds of thousands of Angelenos and visitors" -- caption on photograph
"Two Japanese nationals, Shinicki Hamamato and Sachio Kitani turn in their cameras to Deputy Sheriff A. F. Brehm.  Seated at right is a civilian defense worker, Mrs. W. G. Neilsen."--caption on p...
"Two Japs being taken into custody at San Pedro under orders of the FBI.  Left to right are shown Tokuju Yasaki, Deputy Sheriff A. M. Barr and Sadahei Hirose."--caption on photograph
"Two youngsters at the Japanese Assembly Center enjoy America's typical dessert -- ice cream."--caption on photograph
"Want A Job -- And Freedom -- Two young evacuees at Manzanar Relocation Center are pictured here studying 'Help Wanted' bulletins" -- caption on photograph
(a) antilope horns with feathers. (b) Minke. (c) Ndawayowo (protection against snakes). (d) two medicines for protection against theft of agricultural produce. (e) Protextion against snakes.
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