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Chinese teacher and his child.
Emily S. Hartwell and three Chinese teachers, Foochow, Fujian, China, ca.1935
A comparative study of motivational orientation of elementary school English learners in a dual language immersion program and a transitional bilingual education program
Preservice teacher preparation for engineering integration in K-5
An audio-visual handbook for the teachers in Formosa.
Participants in the chinese language course in Mandach (Aargau) 1913.
LMS teacher training school in Ambavahadimitafo, Madagascar
A world of education: the influence of culture on instructional style and perceived teacher effectiveness
[The native teacher Ndông Eugône and his wife Ngalbée]
Two young native teachers
Reflective practice and pre-service language teacher preparation
Teacher training school in Ambavahadimitafo, Madagascar
From the Village School Program of BLM-D/LSS, managed by DSM Missionary and Teacher, Filip Engs...
Teacher Miss Yen
Teachers of the Morija Normal school
Deacon/Nursing Educator Johannes Kock and Teacher Ruth Kock, sent by DMS to Tanganyika/Tanzania...
Biram Hasdak' : Language teacher of Børresen and Skrefsrud
Santal Parganas, North India. Teachers with school children, Benagaria.
Malagasy teachers in Fianarantsoa, Madagascar
A study of the current state and the needs of teacher training in Japanese immersion education in the United States
African teacher, Pretoria, South Africa, 1904
Students at the teacher training boarding school at Takushan.
Teacher and students, Hanchuan, Hubei, China, ca.1890-1900
A handbook for new teachers at the Fifty-Second Street Elementary School.
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