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Chinese schoolchildren with Chinese teachers.
Chinese christians.
Chinese street kitchen 1930
Chinese market, about1930
Chinese male churchgoers in Church.
Chinese schoolgirls dressed for festival.
Chinese glergymen and theology candidates.
A chinese house, Liaoning ab. 1930
Modern young Chinese, somewhat odd[ly dressed?].
Modern young Chinese in European costume.
The Chinese clergymen in the Danish Mission.
Chinese schoolchildren with three Danish woman missionaries.
Chinese schoolchildren with a Danish Woman missionary.
Chinese christians outside Siuyen/Xiuyan church.
Reconfiguring Chinese modernism: the poetics of temporality in 1940s fiction and poetry
Examining the representation of modern women in 20th century modern Chinese fiction: the search for self in comparison of works by women authors Ding Ling and Eileen Chang
An elegant modern chinese woman with little feet.
Modern modes of transport in Leloaleng
A young chinese man with narrow modern robe and trousers.
Conditions of literary modernities: a conceptual history of Chinese literature, 1860-1925
Chinese Certificate of Honarary Citizenship to Ellen Nielsen. The Chinese text in the letter is...
Chinese Styles of Writing, China, ca. 1905-1914
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