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"Chairs" layout, Los Angeles, Calif., 1941
"Hawaiian Pilot" freighter chartered for pleasure cruise, 1952
"Isn't Walking Grand", Enna Jettick Shoes, Southern California, 1935
"Isn't Walking Grand", Southern California, 1935
"Jiggs" wire hair terrier playing with rat, Mrs. Patterson dog at Westwood, Southern California, 1936
"Man on the Street" broadcast, Los Angeles, CA, 1940
"Merryland" and Neptune Theatre, Venice, Cal.
"Miss Globe" Inauguration news, Southern California, 1934
"Typical Japanese residences on Terminal Island.  Note that there are aerials on each house."--caption on photograph
(Names inside) portraits of salesmen, Los Angeles, Calif., 1940
10.19. IC on LAPD / general counsel - Challenger, 1991 May 21-23
10.20. IC on LAPD / general counsel - King arrest report, 1991-03-03
100 officers in narcotic raid ($500,000 haul) lineup of suspects, 1956
1035 Hansen Avenue, Pomona, CA, 1928
106. Perkoff interview, reading poems; Lipton & Myer discussion on Beat, 1958?; Rios reading poems; Reingold reading poems
1064-1066 South Hayworth Avenue, Los Angeles, CA, 1928
120 West Fairview Boulevard, 125 West Fairview Boulevard, 303 Hargrave Street, Inglewood, CA, 1930
120-122 South Elm Drive, Beverly Hills, CA, 1930
1225 South Wilton & 223-225 South Orange, Los Angeles, CA, 1926
The heart, the faith, the soul of Clara Ward, ca. 1966
In the storm too long (Dixie Hummingbirds), ca. 1991
Counseling And Behavior Modification In The Military Forces
1340 Barrington Way, Glendale, CA, 1925
135 North Gerona Avenue, San Gabriel, CA, 1925
135. Roskolenko, Boyd, Saroyan, Rabinowitz readings & discussion, [1955?]; Lipton interview of Foster (Firestone), [1955?]
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