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Competing futures: War narratives in postwar Japanese architecture, 1945-1970
The price and clinical impact of specialty drug management in the US healthcare system
May Lee and Marguerite Cho
Kap Suk Cho driving a tractor
Cho M. Allen, [s.d.]
The wall of the temple of Cho Shing, Canton.
Kap Suk Cho, Alm Lee and seven others in front of the Kungminhoe building
An Chang Ho, Kap Suk Cho and other workers at Riverside orange orchard
Rosa Cho's great grandchildren
Rosa Cho and the extended Yoon family
Transnational modernity, national identity, and South Korean melodrama (1945-1960s)
A multi-regional computable general equilibrium model in the Haritage of A. Anas and I. Kim
Dependent R-D modeling for H.264/SVC bit allocation
Source-specific learning and binaural cues selection techniques for audio source separation
Literacy practices of 1.5 generation Korean American parents with three to five year old children
Exact simulations of the trajectories of electrons accelerated from rest to relativistic velocities by radially polarized optical pulse: program and results
The relationship of model minority stereotype, Asian cultural values, and acculturation to goal orientation, academic self-efficacy, and academic achievement in Asian American college students
Fast iterative image reconstruction for 3D PET and its extension to time-of-flight PET
USC trustee Yang-Ho Cho & his wife Myong-Hi, before 1998, 2003-2008
Patty Cho
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