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A retrospective analysis of the outcome of three methods used for the treatment of multiple gingival recession defects
Investigating the complexity of the tumor microenvironment's role in drug response
Patient reported outcomes measures (PROMs) and medication count of the three coronal advancement methods for the treatment of multiple gingival recession defects
Study of bone morphogenetic protein-2 and stromal cell derived factor-1 in prostate cancer
Bimodal effects of bone morphogenetic proteins in prostate cancer
Role of cancer-associated fibroblast secreted annexin A1 in generation and maintenance of prostate cancer stem cells
Intersection, West 8th Street and Bonnie Brae Street, Los Angeles, CA, 1932 [image 2]
Baptisms, Santiago, Chile, 1959
Exploration of the roles of cancer stem cells and survivin in the pathogenesis and progression of prostate cancer
Intersection of West Pico Boulevard and West Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA, 1936 [image 1]
Long bore for pipe at West 3rd Street and South Lucas Avenue, Los Angeles, CA, 1932 [image 2]
Wilshire Boulevard traffic, Los Angeles, CA, 1934 [image 4]
Trucks for composite, Los Angeles, CA, 1931 [image 1]
Artist's conception of the geographic South Pole Station soon to be built, 1997
Exterior view of the Farmers and Merchants National Bank, on the corner of Main Street and Fourth Street, ca.1910-1912
Engineering therapeutics for the improved antitumor efficacy of chimeric antigen receptor T cell therapy
Site-specific PEGylation of recombinant immunotoxin αFAP-PE38 for half-life extension
Wilshire Boulevard traffic, Los Angeles, CA, 1934 [image 2]
Road scenes at 59th & Moneta, Southern California, 1925 [image 2]
Herman W. Hellman building on Spring Street and 4th Street, Los Angeles, 1908
New algorithms for adaptive interference mitigation and FDOA/TDOA parameter estimation based on higher-order statistics and other nonlinear transformations
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