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Parishioners after church service, Ethiopia, ca.1952
Hellerup, Danish Missionary Society. The missionary residences, Norgesmindevej 23. ca.1930-1940...
Missionary bungalow at Grahampur, Assam, North India, built 1892. (Photo ca. 1893-94).
Christine Irfan with a mentally handicapped boy, Peshawar Diocese, Pakistan, ca. 1980.
The Danish Missionary Society's main building, Strandagervej 24, Hellerup, ca.1908.
Hand surgery at the Leprosy Clinic in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, ca. 1968.
Missionary Karen Margrethe Jensen with biblical women. ca.1930. Vriddhachalam 1930th.
Missionary Hans Bjerrum and mrs. Emilie Bjerrum née Sorensen. ca. 1910.
Missionary Karen Margrethe Jensen country city tour. Vriddhaclam.ca1930.
Arcot, South India. Missionary John Lazarus and family, Madras ca.1914.
Hellerup, Danish Missionary Society. The missionary residences, Norgesmindevej 21. ca.1930-1940...
Tirukoilur Hospital, Arcot, South India, ca.1910-13. Patients leaving the Polyclinic.
Missionary Mildrid Nielsen at the Women's Home at Lebanon, Tiruvannamalai, ca.1925.
Missionary Daniel Johansen and Anna Johansen with Hans Christian, ca. 1936.
Missionary Iver Viftrup with a local co-worker, Chapai Nawabganj, Bangladesh. (Photo ca. 1972).
D. Sigamani, headteacher at the Saron Industry School, Tiruvannamali, ca.1904.
Missionary Carl Marius Hornbech and coworkers at Saron, Tiruvannamalai, ca.1908.
Girl's Boarding School at Saron, Tiruvannamalai with Mrs. Agathe Berg, ca.1895.
Missioary Mildrid Nielsen at the women's home in Libanon, Tiruvannamalai ca.1930.
School Home for Boys at Carmel, Tiruvannamalai.ca. 1910th.
Missionary Anna Soendberg ca.1935. Madras 1927. Dayastalam, Tirukoilur 1928-1940.
Carl Hornbech with Josef Benjamin (left) and Prianadan (right), Saron, Tiruvannamalai, ca.1904.
Missionary Knud Lange and pastor Perumal on their way ca. 1915.
Karen Bardenfleth and Mette Anne Pedersen on holiday at Kotagiri, ca. 1935.
Mildrid Nielsen and Dorothea Poulsen in front of Lebanon bungalow, Tiruvannamalai ca. 1925.
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