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Figueroa Street south from C Street before construction, January 1938
Exterior view of the E.C. Shipley residence, 1888
Family in front of the E.C. Shipley residence, 1888
New York, Washington D.C., [s.d.] [image 9]
C.C. Riders
C. C. Bragdon residence in Pasadena, 1910
Portrait of Earle C. Anthony at a young age, sitting on a vehicle [s.d.]
Group portrait of Earl C. Anthony and businessmen at a National Supply Stations event, [s.d.]
View of Los Angeles Harbor, showing the S.S. "John C. Fitzpatrick", 1923
Portrait of an engraved lithograph of H.C. Wyatt, [s.d.]
Exterior view of the rustic cottage residence of author Jeanne C. Carr and husband Dr. Ezra C. Carr, Ph.D., ca.1895
Author, Lloyd C. Douglas, Southern California, 1935 [image 2]
Author, C.B. Glasscock, Southern California, 1933 [image 2]
Nebula seen from Washington Naval Observatory, Washington D.C., ca.1920
"Electric bleeder", used to reheat the water in sixty oil wells belonging to C. C. M. Oil Company in Fellows, California,1932
C. Satxon, throat specialist, examining an ostrich at a farm in Lincoln Park, [s.d.]
Painting by C. Frosche depicting the Madonna and child, [s.d.]
W.C. Thomas, 1950
C. C., letters (1965/1967)
Home of Mrs. Jeanne C. Carr and her husband Dr. Ezra C. Carr between Colorado Street and Orange Grove Street in Pasadena, Los Angeles, 1899
C. C., letters (1958/1961)
Interior view of the C.B. Crocker Art Gallery, Sacramento, ca.1905
Hamlin Garland, letter, 190?, to C.M. Morrison
New York, Washington D.C., [s.d.] [image 22]
New York, Washington D.C., [s.d.] [image 29]
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