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Jothi Bai, Bible school superintendent, ALC (Arcot Lutheran Church), India
Papetoi Bay, Moorea island
Camp's bay
Resilient and equitable urbanism by design: insights from the collaborative process to reimagine the SF Bay Area
Ferryboat in San Francisco Bay, 1905
Drawing of San Francisco and the bay in 1852, showing water of the bay reaching back to Montgomery Street
Ships in the San Francisco Bay, ca.1905
Balboa Bay as seen through palm trees, [s.d.]
Victoria, the bay and trading post (factory).
(Re) framing museums/Occupy (re) framed: two Occupy exhibitions in the California Bay Area
Drawing of Tscholovoni hunters of San Francisco Bay region, from Pritchard's "Natural History of Man", published by N. Baileree, London, 1842
Chennai, Tamil Nadu, South India. The Headmistress Mary Jothi Bai, Park Town Mission High Schoo...
Relocation bay: identifying a suitable site for the Tampa Bay Rays
View of Avalon Bay and Sugarloaf, ca.1887
Opunohu Bay, Moorea island
Drawing of a herd of elk crossing the Carquinez Straits, San Francisco Bay, 1848
Pause - two t Indian guests from left Bible school principal Jothu Bai, Pastor John Dheenadayal...
View of the Santa Ana River entrance (or upper Newport Bay area, looking north, from east side?), Newport Bay, ca.1909
Aerial view of Santa Monica Bay from the mountains, [s.d]
Pingfang Bay, China, ca.1934
Bay of Diego-Suarez, in Madagascar
View on a bay  in Cape Town
Outrigger canoes in the bay of Moorea
[A sailboat moored in a bay]
View on Opunohu Bay, Moorea island
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