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"De Fight For Truth", May – June, 1970, vol 5, no. 22
"Mallarmé: portraitist of Baudelaire & Poe" by André Masson, [s.d.]
"The Land of Sunshine", magazine, 1896-09, vol. 5, no. 4
"The Land of Sunshine", magazine, 1899-01
106. Perkoff interview, reading poems; Lipton & Myer discussion on Beat, 1958?; Rios reading poems; Reingold reading poems
111. Forsberg, Foster, White reading poems; Eve magazine discussion, 1957?; air traffic control radio
132. Moon and sixpence, 1959-10-30; Chessman death sentence appeal, 1957; Rexroth on books, 1955-10-19
What Is The Most Effective English Teaching Method For Adult English As A Second Language (Esl) Learners?
The Harnettian Mode: Life And Still Life
Source Parameters Of The Joshua Tree Aftershock Sequence
Jean Dubuffet: Breaking with tradition
141. Open end (tv) Psychiatry, 1960-08-07; Rexroth "commercialization of revolt" (radio), 1960-08-13; Duff-Forbes, Frank & Earnest (radio), [1960-1962?]
Being within versus without
Recasting Vladimir Propp's formalist method through traditional Asian narratives
Sculpture today
147. Helen Trent, 1959-07-27, 1959-08-10; Lacy poetry reading, [s.d.]; News: Lipton to visit Kansas, [1959]
154. Gas House entertainment permit hearings, 1959-08; Lipton, Hugh & Blanche discussion, [s.d.]; Lipton poetry reading, [s.d.]
155. Beatniks KNX radio program, [1960?]; Linkletter show, [1959?]; Viewpoint TV interview of Lipton by Stout, [1959?]
156. Lipton interview of Patchen; Interview of Lipton love-in of Easter Sunday, 1967
162. Helen Trent, 1959-08, 1959-08-19; Eve magazine discussion [1958?]; air traffic control radio, [s.d.]
170. Sudnik, Goodwin, Lipton discussion, part 2, 1962-11-29; Lipton, Foster discussion, [s.d.]; Thresholds for tomorrow (tv), 1962; Open end (tv) Rebuttal from west, [1962-04-10]
185. Hughes, Lipton poetry reading, 1958-04-13; Lipton poetry reading, [s.d.]
1998: L.A. Obscura
1999: Black History Exhibit
2001: Doheny Memorial Library
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