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Asian Pacific American Media Watch Opposes Racism and Sexism in "Year of the Dragon"
The American Mission Hospital in Muscat, Oman.
Public diplomacy and the media in the middle east, 2013
Chinese Media Committee : correspondence
Netwar in cyberia: decoding the media mujahidin, 2018
Glimpses into the life of a great Mississippian and majestic American educator, 1904-1977
The Calcutta Video Seminar, November 1990. From the back, right: Media Consultant Viggo Søgaard...
2002 - American Mission Hospital, Bahrain in new facilities.
Mission Hospital in Bahrain. American Mission Hospital in Manama, Bahrain.
How the internet and social media has changed movie marketing [pdf]
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, May 1977. The media are tools for all kinds of messages - from Christian...
Effects of racial exclusion from media
The Calcutta Video Seminar, November 1990. From left to right: The Media Consultant Viggo Søgaa...
The fabled fourth estate: media freedom, democracy and human rights
Entry of the American Mission Hospital in Muscat, Oman
Re/locating new media in the museum
Traditional and social media in modern crisis communications
Policy and practice: United States and European Union media and technology education
Media diplomacy and U.S.-China military-to-military cooperation, 2012
Japan Evg. Lutheran Church/JELC. The Mission makes extensive use of the modern mass media. Here...
Engaging in the conversation; best practices in strategic social media
Screens on the move: media convergence and mobile culture in Korea
The Calcutta Video Seminar, November 1990. From the middle to the left: Media Consultant Viggo ...
Crisis communication for tourism destinations in the new media environment
The American Mission Hospital, Manama Bahrain, 1975
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