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Producing heritage, remaking immigration: American cultural policies, 1950-2003
Korean American Pioneer Council. Minutes.
Museum programming and the educational turn
Angel Island immigration station, 1915
American Committee for Protection of the Foreign Born.
Kungminhoe. Listing of Korean immigrants to USA. 1917-1928.
Kungminhoe. U.S. Department of Justice. Press release regarding immigrant statistics. 1967.
The Institutional History Of The Hirshhorn Museum And Sculpture Garden, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C., 1965-1974
An Chang Ho. Immigration papers.
Making and unmaking the museum: Tom Marioni and San Francisco conceptual art, 1968-1979
Kungminhoe. Application Blank for Koreans or Korean-Americans Who Desire to Serve in the War Against Japan.
Themes in African-American sculpture: Creating the new Black image
Trans-Pacific localism: emigration, adaptation, and nationalism among Japanese immigrants in California, 1890-1940
Rituals of a nation's identity: archaeology and genealogy in antiquities museums of Rome
Shungnak Kim's 1937 US immigrant identification card - front
Shungnak Kim's 1937 US immigrant identification card - reverse
John Kim, 7 year old orphan-immigrant from Korea
Song Yong Cho, 11 year old orphan-immigrant
Ku Ril Kim, 5 year old orphan-immigrant
The influence of African-American harmonizing on the 'American' choral works of Frederick Delius
Sampling blackness: performing African Americanness in hip-hop theater and performance
Black money: the history of African-Americans represented on U.S. currency
Diamond Kimm. Immigration and Naturalization Service file
"Report on an Experiment Made in Los Angeles in the Summer of 1917 for the Americanization of Foreign-born Women," report, 1917
Kwang Kon Kim $ Yung Shih Cho, 14 year old orphan-immigrants
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