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"Firebug" pix, Temple City Sheriff's Station, 1951
"First Engagement on Los Angeles," program, 1929
"Japanese ladies under driers at the Ginza Beauty Salon in Los Angeles.  Yoshi Muraoka, the operator, is a Nisei."--caption on photograph
"Japanese-Americans Help Bomber Fund" -- caption on photograph
"K & D of T, June 21st 1914, L. A., Cal.", photograph, 1914-06-21
"Skunk" flag for policemen, 1958
"Society" - St. Paul's Cathedral women planning benefit, 1955
"Trip to the moon" at Griffith Park Observatory, 1953
(Society) Footlighters, 1958
(Society) University of Southern California Medical Auxiliary benefit, 1954
March on Albany
112. Lipton on Roth v US, 1957; Lipton essay discussion; Radio poetry program
119. Lipton, Carradine, et al. reading poetry, [s.d.]
11th anniversary : live Jim Bentley, star of Getting it
1204 Oak Grove Drive, Annandale, Los Angeles, 1925
121. Lipton interview; Foster, Judd, Forsberg, Nordine reading poetry, [s.d.]
125. Barbarians story line; Helen Trent, 1959-07-16 - 1959-07-17
126. Lipton poetry reading; Foster & Lipton discussing dedicated poverty, [s.d.]
127. Lew Irwin reports, 1959-12-02, 1959-12-07; Alexander King, 1959-12-08
13 Lexis Nexis search results on blacks & latinos in Los Angeles, 1991
13 men, photographs by Layne Nielson
132. Moon and sixpence, 1959-10-30; Chessman death sentence appeal, 1957; Rexroth on books, 1955-10-19
135. Roskolenko, Boyd, Saroyan, Rabinowitz readings & discussion, [1955?]; Lipton interview of Foster (Firestone), [1955?]
Trifluoromethanesulfonates (Triflates) For Organic Syntheses
An Analysis Of Private And Social Gains From Plastics Recycling
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