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"Answer to school questions" Fall clothes, Southern California, 1935
"Bishop Charles Harrison Mason and those sanctified women", COGIC scholar's forum, 2002
"Christian women and changing times", notes for a sermon, [s.d.]
"COGIC: 50 years of progress in California", notes for a lecture, 1984?
"Contax" camera tests, Southern California, 1933
"Dick" at the microscope, Southern California, 1934
"Doc" McKean & stethoscope, Southern California, 1930
"I've tried them all, give me 76", Southern California, 1932
"Japanese At Home In Evacuation City -- A 150-bed hospital has been provided by the U.S. Government for Japanese evacuated from Pacific Coast cities and communities" -- caption on photograph
"La libération de l'Afrique 'dite portugaise'" & "Mozambique. Communique. Front the Liberation du Mozambique", 1965
"Mallarmé: portraitist of Baudelaire & Poe" by André Masson, [s.d.]
"Miss Muscle Beach of 1954", 1954
"Miss Recreation" contest, 1958
"Mozambique. Lourenco Mutaca and Sarfu Khan Mohammed", 1965
"Mr. Boy Scout" of San Gabriel Valley, receives pin and salute upon retirement, 1952
"Revolutionary Perspective in Mozambique", 1968
"Rosie the Riveter" ...North American Aircraft, 1951
"Save our beaches!", Venice, CA, 1935
"The doctrine of man", notes for a lecture, 1994
"The Japanese Christian Church of Los Angeles, where Japanese kindergarten classes are held."--caption on photograph
"The voice of the awakened continent", 1964
"They're Japanese -- but loyal Americans.  In 1917, Kaytaro Tsukamoto served with the United States Army" -- caption on photograph
"Tip Toppers" marriage, 1951
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