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British soldiers, Pretoria, South Africa, 1901
DMS Bookshop, Crater, Aden during the independents unrest. British soldier patroling in front o...
Kumase. Cemetery for british officers, 1900.
First settlement of the British in Kumase.
Interior of British Legation chapel, Beijing, China, ca.1908
Mission station of Toamasina, old british consulate, in Madagascar
The twentieth century revival, [s.d.]
Boat with British Ensign, Congo, ca. 1900-1915
Leprosy Surgeon, DM Johannes G. Andersen (1922-2005). During the second half of the 20th Centur...
Gustav Nachtigall, died 20th April.
British Soldier protecting Jørgen Nørgaard Pedersen during his inspection of the burned out boo...
Politicheskaya rol' sektantstva = The political role of sectarianism, 1929
Arab dancers from upcountry (Bedouins), parading and celebrating the 5th anniversary of British...
Ethiopia, Bahir Dar, Amhara Region. Emperor Haile Selassie and the British Queen Elizabeth at t...
Jesselton, British North Borneo.
Black British troops after the conquest of Kumase 1896.
Bible colporteur of the British and foreign Bible society.
House of the British general, Pretoria, South Africa, ca. 1896-1911
The progressive dilemma: grassroots liberals, the Democratic Party, and the search for political power in mid-twentieth century America
Pakistan, the Tent Mission, Mardan. The British Nurse and Pharmacist, Mabel Biddulph, Nurse and...
Kudat, British North Borneo; 1904.
Political Map of Africa, ca. 1914-1924
20/12/1964. Pastor Rendtorff by Bone Falch Rønnes grave at Lyngby cemetery to mark the 200th an...
Cameroon / Mambo / Bamum potters, 20th April 1913.
A man like the one that married dear old mom: nostalgia and masculinity crisis in late 20th century American culture
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