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Henry S. Glazier, letters (1980-1984)
COGIC Texas bishops at a reception, Memphis, 1980's
USC Dean of Research Donal Manahan working underwater in Antarctica, 1980s
Women's International Convention, COGIC, 1980, post-convention evaluation meeting minutes
Delivery of drugs to lepers in Vadathorasalur in the 1980's. The medicine is a dental assistant...
There were 3 million lepers in India in the 1980s. A quarter of them werre children. Most of th...
In the 1980's in the Vadathorasalur area there were 70 schools and 3 high schools. The children...
Patients with lump leprosy, Vadathorasalur 1980's. Lump leprosy is an serious phase of leprosy,...
Bissamcuttack, East Jeypore, Orissa, India, 17/04/1980. From 'Dr.Ma', Lis Madsen's Community He...
General Fremont's headquarters in 1888, a saloon on the northwest corner of Main and Carr Streets, 1980
East Jeypore, Orissa, India. From Dr. Lis Madsen's village clinic, 17/04/1980. This is how Dr.M...
Portrait of Marta Feuchtwanger, 1980s
Mother with visible signs of leprosy in the face with child, Vadathorasalur 1980's. The consequ...
China Society of Southern California. Correspondence, 1980s
Montréal & Palm Springs architecture, etc., [1980s?]
Henry DeYoung correspondence 1980s
Kungminhoe.  Ahn's deposition. 1980.
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I might end up a right-winger: writing counterpublics for the eighties
Neil Landreville's "ho dduk", 1980-08-07
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