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"Dancing is among the most popular diversions for the younger Japanese evacuees sent to Manzanar relocation center, as evidenced by this glimpse of several couples in a dancing class which is con...
Lorenzo Lotto's marriage portraits: Visions of matriarchal authority within conjugal ideals
A comparative study of a group of eighteenth-century high chests produced in Salem, Massachusetts
Ester Bentley and another woman in pajamas
Making China:  Design, empire, and aesthetics in Britain, 1745--1851
An Index And Encyclopedia Of The Characters In The Fictional Works Of William Faulkner
Volume I:  Selected Unpublished Symphonies Of The Mannheim School For Use In Training School Orchestras. Volume Ii:  Musical Scores
The Role Of The Board Of Control In Higher Education
Les 'Contes Moraux' De Marmontel. (French Text)
The Concept Of 'Natural' In Physical Education:  Johann Guts Muths - Margarete Streicher
The Expressionistic Theology Of Horace Bushnell:  A Study Of The Approach, Grounding And Form Of His Theology
The Characterization Of The Psychiatrist In American Fiction, 1859-1965
Christopher Smart As Lyric Poet
Natural color photograph of dissection of the left shoulder, posterior view, with the trapezius muscle reflected to expose the muscles of the posterior shoulder
Annie O'Kane Fiske, letter, 1927-02-03, to Hamlin Garland
Women, children, & signs at entrance to D.C. (District of Columbia) Convention Center, Washington, DC., 2002
Bird in office of hall of records, 1951
Carlos Bulosan, "The soldier", short story
Alice's adventures in Wonderland, 1933, leaf 562 [verso]
Portrait of Judge Augustin Olvera, ca.1850-1870
View looking south on Broadway from First Street in downtown Los Angeles, 1904-1905
Corner view of the Los Altos Apartments at 4121 Wilshire Boulevard, 1925-1929
Exterior view of Mission San Francisco de la Espada in dilapidated condition, San Antonio, Texas, ca.1900
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