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"Japanese Leave Clearance Application" -- caption on photograph
From denationalization to patriotic leadership: Chinese Christian colleges, 1920s--1930s
NAMES Project AIDS Memorial Quilt
Bioethics in the Genetic Age:  Can standard bioethics handle the genetic revolution?
Apache, Navaho, And Spaniard:  A History Of The Southern Athapaskans And Their Relations With The Spanish Empire, 1540-1698
The Concept Of 'Natural' In Physical Education:  Johann Guts Muths - Margarete Streicher
A Critical Edition Of Elkanah Settle'S 'Cambyses, King Of Persia'
The Known Future. (A Dissertation In Public Administration)
The Effectiveness Of The Inservice Training Of Elementary Teachers And Principals Related To Their Understanding Of The Basic Concepts Of Linguistics
Natural color photograph of dissection of the left shoulder, posterior view, showing the posterior muscles of the shoulder
A woman of African origin sings at Saint James Healing Church of Christ, Bladensburg, Maryland.
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Alice's adventures in Wonderland, 1933, leaf 553
View of the Los Angeles Plaza, ca.1857-1861, detail 1
View of the Los Angeles Plaza, ca.1857-1861, detail 2
Exterior view of an apartment building on Figueroa Street between Eleventh Street and Twelfth Street in Los Angeles, ca.1880-1889
Interior view of the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce exhibit room, [s.d.]
Unidentified porch overgrown with flowers, [s.d.]
Covered sidewalk looking north along North Broadway from Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, ca.1892
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Elizabeth Montagu: A biographical sketch and a critical edition of her writings
The role of phosphodiesterase in cell growth control and malignancy
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