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Women'S Education In The Tokugawa Society
A comparative study of a group of eighteenth-century high chests produced in Salem, Massachusetts
Epidemiological features of alcoholic liver disease in Los Angeles County, 1999
2 letters, 1936-06-16 & 1936-06-20, to/from Luther E. Falk & Hamlin Garland
2 letters, 1936-06-22 & 1936-06-23, to/from Luther E. Falk & Hamlin Garland
La Belle Alphrede: Comedy of Jean Rotrou (1636)
An Appraisal Of School District Organization In Imperial County, California
New Port Cities In Western America And Their Effect On Economic Development
Double-Entendres In 'The Canterbury Tales'
The Ambassador'S Craft:  A Study Of The Functioning Of French Ambassadorsunder Louis Xiv
Selected Unpublished 'Villancicos' Of Padre Fray Antonio Soler With Reference To The Cultural History Of Eighteenth-Century Spain
A Study Of Baltasar Gracian'S 'El Criticon':  Sources And Selected Themes
A Historical Study Of The Origins Of The Physical Aspects Of The Restoration Playhouse With Special Emphasis On The Dorset Garden Theatre
Natural color photograph of dissection of the right shoulder, anterior view, with the muscle layers removed to reveal the bone structure of the shoulder
Annual meeting of One Incorporated and Institute for the Study of Human Resources, Los Angeles, 1981
Box fragments
Car & 'Our Gang', Southern California, 1930
Alice's adventures in Wonderland, 1933, leaf 542
Drawing of the residence of I.W. Hellman, Main Street and Fourth Street, Los Angeles, 1885
A log cabin dwarfed by a Big Tree in Mariposa Grove in Yosemite National Park, ca.1920
View of Bernard Street in Los Angeles, 1920-1929
Aircraft next to large-scale wind tunnel, ca.1930
Birdseye view of a Spanish Revival-style estate, [s.d.]
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