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"Chairs" layout, Los Angeles, Calif., 1941
"Family's 12,000 miles jaunt across U.S. in modern covered wagon," Shanghai Sunday Times 9/16/1934
"Federal Bureau of Investigation agents and Treasury Department representatives acted quickly in Los Angeles' Little Tokyo" -- caption on photograph
"Harry the Clown" at Children's Hospital, 1951
"Hawaiian Pilot" freighter chartered for pleasure cruise, 1952
"I like the Times Funnys", Southern California, 1935
"I've tried them all, give me 76", Southern California, 1932
"Japs Sprayed with DDT" -- caption on photograph
"Just the House we've always wanted." - Francis Pyle, Southern California, 1936
"Keep a Stiff Upper Lip", Southern California, 1932
"Las Floristas" Headdress Ball, 1958
"Laying Water Line For Japanese Boom Town" -- caption on photograph
"Miss Bay Beach" contest winner (Ocean Park), 1952
"Miss Globe" Inauguration news, Southern California, 1934
"Miss Letter Carrier of '52", 1952
"Society" -- Glendale Assistance League, 1952
"Stars" at Exposition Park playground for Christmas festival, Los Angeles, CA, 1930
"Stretcher Case -- Saido Matsuma, one of 676 Japanese leaving U. S. for Japan, is carried aboard ship by other Japanese repatriates.  There are 16 other stretcher cases."--caption on photograph
"The Japanese Christian Church of Los Angeles, where Japanese kindergarten classes are held."--caption on photograph
"With Sober-faced attentiveness these Japanese girls watch one of the many games of marbles which occupy scores of young evacuees living at the Santa Anita reception depot" -- caption on photograph
"Y. Yats, Japanese boy helps his neighbor, Mrs. T. Oki at 109 Cannery St., Terminal Island load her belongings aboard truck."--caption on photograph
"Young Japanese Hold Dance" -- caption on photograph
'Come out of the kitchen', Southern California, 1931
'It's better than ever now', Southern California, 1933
(Clubs) -- Catholic Daughters of America, 1958
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