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"Young And Old On The Woodpile" -- caption on photograph
Associations of physical fitness and other risk factors with cardiovascular and non-violent mortality
A Critical Edition Of Elkanah Settle'S 'Cambyses, King Of Persia'
Father Jean-Baptiste Labat And French Travel Literature
A Study Of Baltasar Gracian'S 'El Criticon':  Sources And Selected Themes
'Gustos Y Disgustos Son No Mas Que Imaginacion' By Pedro Calderon De La Barca:  A Critical Edition And Study
The Word Within The Word:  A Literary Examination Of Lancelot Andrewes' Presentation Of The Life Of Christ
The Development Of Lessing'S Concepts Of Pity And Fear
Biological and biochemical determinants of the cytotoxic potency of the thymidylate synthase inhibitor Tomudex (ZD1694) in colorectal cancer.
Natural color photograph of dissection of the left shoulder, superolateral view, with the deltoid muscle reflected to show bones and ligaments of the shoulder
Bassewitz, letter, 1762 June 27, to Voltaire
Bassewitz, letter, 1762 Mar. 9, to Voltaire
Burton Babcock, letter, 1910-12-24, to Hamlin Garland
Alice's adventures in Wonderland, 1933, leaf 538
Priest standing on exterior stairs at Mission San Luis Rey de Francia, ca.1905
Two women and two girls in a furnished living room, 1950-1959
Commemoration plaque presented to the Los Angeles International Airport, in November 1954
Exterior view of a two-story Spanish Revival-style house in Los Angeles, [s.d.]
View looking north on Broadway, between 4th Street and 5th Street, October 1927, detail 1
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