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Metastatic Carcinosarc, Lung (1° Prost)
Peace Corps Korea Reunion, Scottsdale, Ariz., 2013
Korean fish trap
William Morgan Hannon, letter, 1916-05-28, to Hamlin Garland
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Palm Canyon near Palm Springs, showing mountains in the background, ca.1900, detail 2
Birdseye view of a residential garden on Third Street, [s.d.]
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WPA household census for 1318 S DOWNEY
Portrait of Korean officer, Beijing, China, ca. 1861-1864
Latia Chirimi with her sons Ismael and Francisco, Mozambique, ca. 1933-1939
Political paralysis -- Los Angeles city fathers wanted it this way, 1991-05-12
Letter, M. Niiya to Andrew J. Viterbi, January 15, 1991
Divorce, 1951
Wyvernwood Housing complex with 2-story units divided by greenbelt and walkways
Color photograph of skeletal upper chest and neck, anterior view, showing the bone structure of the upper chest, neck, and mandible
Mining in southern California (Kaiser open pit iron ore mine), 1948
The case for Japanese language education in California: a strategic advocacy action plan
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A sociological analysis of the Negro press in Los Angeles
Case of Blithe vs. Bhudacoff, Ford & Dodge truck, Southern California, 1934
Jonathan Prentiss Dolliver, letter, 1910-06-17, to Hamlin Garland
Bank vault, safety deposit boxes
WPA household census for 356 CLELA
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