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"Anna and the King of Siam" Diary / Irvin Paik
"Balboa Day, Inter-Racial Service" bulletin of Central Union Church in Honolulu
"George Hickey, Japanese alien who operates vegetable stand in prohibited area opposite Vultee plane factory, shown with his Nisei wife, Mrs. May Hickey, who will take over business when he leave...
"Japanese Americans named for leads in Fresno's 'Teahouse'"
"My Best Self in the Home, Church, & Community",  report on Annual Conference of the Kauai Christian Young People's Council
"Program of the Twenty-second Session of the Hawaii Methodist Mission" at First Methodist Church
"The source of real prosperity", Jh 20:28, sermon outline
"They're assimilated, but still Korean"  Los Angeles Herald Examiner
'Lest We Forget' : First Annual Korean Community Service Center Celebration, San Francisco 1983
12 in front of US/Korean flags
1942 Scrapbook
23 men in Korea
Scaled microdisk lasers
5 Fundamental Ethics of Korea.
The Economics Of Anabaptism, 1525-1560
Lodovico Zacconi'S Treatment Of The 'Suitability And Classification Of All Musical Instruments' In The 'Prattica Di Musica' Of 1592
Leopold I Of Austria:  A Reappraisal
A Study And Performance Of Choral Settings Of 'Victimae Paschali Laudes, Christ Ist Erstanden,' And 'Christ Lag In Todesbanden'
Narrative And Lyric Originality In The Old French Versions Of "La Vie De Saint Eustache"
"Five Tudor Portraits" By Ralph Vaughan Williams: Introduction To The Poetry And The Music
[Letter] to Soon Hyun.
[Red Cross pamphlet on March 1st Movement]
A Brief Biographical Sketch of a Newly-Found Asian Male - stage adaptation
A Brief Explanation of "Medicare" Health Insurance for People 65 or Older.
A Cup of Coffee
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