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"Tei Tsuji, American-born daughter of a Japanese national, here is pictured placing her mother's suitcase in the family car, for her mother must move from their farm in Downey."--caption on photograph
"Winner" athletic suits, Southern California, 1930
The influence of humanism on German secular music of the Renaissance (ca. 1470-1550)
The Internal Organization Of The Large High Schools In California
Annie L. Davis, letter, 1935-09-17, to Hamlin Garland
Alice's adventures in Wonderland, 1933, leaf 441 [verso]
Page  715
Orange orchard of General Torres, Hermosillo, Mexico, ca.1900-1910
Exterior view of the Mayan Theater, displaying a marquee for the play "Oh Kay", ca.1925
Path of an unidentified residence in Los Angeles, [s.d.]
Painting of ladies in dresses, ca.1910
Close-up view of a water lily pond on the grounds of The Huntington, San Marino, ca.1920
Drawing by Vischer of horses and wagons crossing slough in the Mount Diablo Range, 1865, detail 2
Toy teapot lid
Dog "Burglar", 1952
Measurement of peer-culture identification in adolescent boys and its significance
Levels of competency and importance ratings in relationship to identified skills and abilities as perceived by the public school principals in Riverside County, California
The genre Satire in French literature of the sixteenth century from 1530 to 1585
Spanish influence on Portuguese administration: A study of the Conselho da Fazenda and Habsburg Brazil, 1580-1640
The consuls and the king: Municipal and royal government in Montpellier during the reign of Louis XIV
Franchinus Gafurius, Renaissance theorist and composer: 1451-1522
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