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Ring resonator based electro -optic polymer modulators for microwave photonics applications
The legal costs of special education in the public school system
Curricular Implications Of The Study Of Language As Communication
Programed And Teacher Oriented Instruction In A Computer Programming Course
The Relationship Of Selected Predictive Variables To Foreign Student Achievement At The University Of California, Los Angeles
Coding Errors In Management Information Systems
Light-Scattering And Phase-Transition In Lithium-Tantalate
An Analytical And Comparative Study Of Computer-Assisted Instruction Programming Languages, Their Characteristics And Usage
Low frequency Raman scattering from simple liquids
Aerial survey and direction of traffic at National Air Races, Mines Field -- Los Angeles, September 8-16, 1928
Aerial view of intersection-Beverly & Vermont, 1936
Natural color photograph of dissection of the right knee, lateral view, emphasizing the fibular collateral ligament and the biceps femoris tendon
Antique show (Glendale Civic), 1953
Alice's adventures in Wonderland, 1933, leaf 392 [verso]
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Close-up of a short palm tree in the grassy lawn adjacent to the sidewalk in front of the courthouse, Los Angeles, ca.1920
Exterior view of the Sunset-Vista Market showing three cars in front, taken from across the street, ca.1940
Four women and two men standing in front of a bicycle shop in Monrovia, 1887
Interior view of the Tom Williams Tailor Shop, showing men examining fabrics, 1880-1920
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