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Murray, Talking with the angel at midnight, 1993-12-12 10 am
Ulcer, Duodenum (Hyperpl, Brunner's), Diab
Olvera Street, 1930
Panoramic view of Long Beach showing the beach and the pier, ca.1924, detail 3
Violence in the city, p. 40
Page 2
Senior High Ticktockers, 1951
WPA household census for 1158 S EASTMAN
Natural color photograph of dissection of the right femoral triangle, with the femoral vessels cut and removed
Upscale residential home
Exterior view of the original Brown Derby Restaurant, located at Wilshire Boulevard and Alexandria Street, showing yellow umbrellas on its terrace, [s.d.]
California. San Jacinto quadrangle (30'), 1901 (1929)
Donkey-drawn wagon crossing a river, Valdezia, South Africa, ca. 1896-1911
Maiak = [Lighthouse], vol. 15, no. 1 (1937), p. 4
Plasma wakefield accelerators using multiple electron bunches
Existential constructions: a syntactic predication approach
Page 40
V.W. Peters, letter, 1930.1.19, Sajikol, Seoul, Korea, to Father and Mother, Long Beach, California, USA
"E.R. Lindberg, seated, is manager of the branch of the California Bank in Los Angeles.  He is one of the three white Americans employed at the bank; all the others are Japanese-Americans.  Stand...
Spraycan piece, Montebello, [s.d.]
Spraycan piece, Montebello, [s.d.]
WPA Land use survey map for the City of Los Angeles, book 9 (Pacific Palisades Area to Mines Field (Municipal Airport)), sheet 11
Poultry round up (Richardson Hatchery in San Gabriel), 1948
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